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Aug 2, 2009 11:15pm EDT
, but can you tell us how good you guys can be? >> you know what dave. i sat down in the team meeting room, we talked as a team. i looked at todd yoder, i said hey is this something special to you? this is part -- he was a part of the super bowl team, and he just liked being back here, he said it feels like something special is happening here. i think there is a ton of enthusiasm, so much excitement around the place. we are really a great team, just putting it altogether. guys know what it will take, we look forward to the season. >> so a season where they were eight and eight a year ago, the nationals, losers of four straight, danger of falling 41 games under 500, for the first time this year. today, top of of the 7th, nats trailing 2-1. josh willingham, a 2-run homerun, 17 of the year, nats lead 3-2, three batters later, gonzales, a shot to the third base line, a fan interferes, gets the souvenir, and now 33 and 62 on the season. orioles host the red sox, boston catcher, martinez, acquired from the indians, matched a career high. scored two runs. out slugged the orioles, 18-10, to sweep
Aug 30, 2009 11:15pm EDT
but save more. it's specials each week on the things that you use, and real deal savings, now how can you lose? low prices every day in every aisle, top off the savings, so go ahead, smile. more and more reasons to fill up your cart, it's good for your wallet, your family, your heart. isn't it nice to know that you're shopping smart? more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card. . >>> and welcome back to the show, strasburg is not expected to makes debut until next week at the soonest but today he made it a possibility. the nationals in st. louis, trying to avoid a sweep. and zimmerman, nowhere to go. later on a sack there, top of the 6, nats down one, dukes reasonable ranks this one, moss pitching to pujols, that is a mistake. up the middle, here comes erasmus, that will be the game. 2-1, the final, after the game, the nats traded ron belliard. and up 1-0, make that 3-0, makes masterson pay, 7th of the year, orioles beat the indians, 5-2. four-game set. golf, moreno beginning the day as the leader, didn't end up that way. picked the bad day to have a bad day. how about t
Aug 9, 2009 11:15pm EDT
with the quarterback the redskins, jason campbell who is going to give us a play. we're each going to go out see if we can run it out, catch, and then we'll each try to defend each other. >> first thing you got the see the ball though. >> jason, i will let you throw the little things first. >> 5-yard penalty, wrong foot up, playing -- >> drops it, oh. >> defensive on all sides -- >> little dance, have a seat there. >> we want to try this again. here we go. >> oh man. >> here we go, already. off side, 5-yard penalty. and he is going deep. going deep. can he catch it? oh, touchdown. >> almost with thhands catch. >> those of us who were in the end zone before, we act like we were there. >> take the ball -- >> i caught it. >> i'll defend you. >> watching him run into >> let's do it on two, i thi that will confuse him. >> outside, watch the face here. >> well, outside hand contact. oh, got him. got him. caught it. caught it. >> [laughter] >> speed kills, baby, speed kills. >> i score here, i win. >> off sides every time. >> all right. that was a good job. we got -- >> >> hey, hey, hey. >> pushes off -- >>
Aug 16, 2009 11:15pm EDT
't expect this in a real live game situation, although clinton portis may think differently. >> i used to -- you know i just got out of it, i can still do it. so i'm trying out right now. >> clinton -- i would -- venture to say he is not going to be back there. >> he will pick -- >> he is -- he is not going to do it. >> reporter: all right, later in the show we'll catch up with the redskins defensive tackle who likes to get the job done without all the excitement. but coming up next, the nats have cincinnati seeing red thanks to the hustle of one ling josh willingham, how this played out when sports extra continues. . >>> can't make the catch, adam dunn scores to tie the game at four. willingham says i'm taking off at 3rd, scores a game-winning run, nats take the last three games of the series on a heads- up play by willingham. >> i just rounded third base, i wasn't thinking about scoring. but i saw them lob the ball, i don't know why or how, just took off. wasn't thinking but i did -- turned out good for it. >> meanwhile, this clock is ticking. nats have a little over 24 hours to come
Aug 23, 2009 11:15pm EDT
jason did a nice job getting us into the right play. he had several good audibles. and i got -- i just got to get him more time. this time we'll even give him more time. >> the good news, how about daniel, a long shot to make the team. the rookie from missouri gave the coaching staff present write to think about. s that -- plenty to think about. that's because he led the skins on their only two touchdown drives of the night. he was thedifference in that win. dave feldman chased down chase after the game. >> reporter: was it fun? >> it was a blast, man. finally glad to get out there and throw the ball around, run the ball around, get out there, get dirty, get hit for the first time in a while. it felt good. >> i really liked what chase daniel did with his time in there. he proved that he can scrap and complete passes. he was accurate. >> the defense was much better in week two after giving up 500 yards to baltimore. the boys in burgundy cut that in half and then some. holding the steelers to a palfrey 238 yards. a big reason for, the play of one brian orakpo. he was all over the field l
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5